How to buy in Kamutt.

1. Select the category of the product you want to buy through the menu located on the top left (from mobile), to reach a specific product.

2. Once there, select the type of product you want to buy, Earrings", "Rings", "Necklaces", "Bracelets", "Anklets" ... within these sections you can find the entire variety of Sterling Silver Jewelry. In each category there are sub-categories to make your search easier and more exact.

3. Once you have chosen the type of product you want, you will be able to view all the jewels. To find out more about these, click on the photo and you will be able to see the characteristics of each one of them, prices, availability or sizes.

4. When you have selected your jewel, with the appropriate size, color or measurement, all you have to do is add it to the cart by clicking on the "ADD TO CART" box. (You can view the cart whenever you want by "clicking" on it at the top right)

5. Once you have all your selected jewels in the cart, you must click on "PROCESS ORDER", a screen will open where you will see the summary of your purchase, products and final price, then you have to click on "Complete order".

6. Once you click on "Finish order" it will appear to fill in all the necessary information to make your purchase. If you are not registered you will have to do it at this time, if you are already registered you will have to enter your email and password. Once there, you will only have to fill in the spaces that the form indicates, it is very intuitive. It is important to review this information carefully, especially the address, telephone number and email so that everything reaches you correctly, both the confirmation emails and your order.

7. Once you get to the payment method, you will find three options; Payment by card, bank transfer or PayPal. Choose the one you want by clicking on the button

8. Finally you will receive an email confirming your payment, with the order details. In a few days you will have your jewel with you!