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We want to show you some tricks to know if the silver you have bought is 925. At Kamutt we check all our jewelery before putting it on sale, we have a laboratory that certifies our products, so we are sure that our jewelery is of the highest quality, the phrase "all that glitters is not gold" is now used with the silver", you can find many jewels that are apparently similar but the price is lower, this can make us think that it is not pure silver.

Here are some tricks to know if it is quality silver:

1. It has to bear the stamp of 925

2. If you put your jewel in an ice cube it will melt quickly, why? Because silver transmits heat, if the experiment does not work, it is not 925 silver.

3. Silver should not smell, if it does, it is because it has a mixture of metals greater than 7.5%, this means that it is not of great purity, the mixture is normal to be able to work with silver, an alloy must be made with other metals but without exceeding this 7.5%, if the mix is higher there may be allergy problems and the value of the piece is lower.

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